Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rene’s 11th Birthday

My baby turned 11.  Wow! I still remember when he was born like if it was yesterday. They brought him to me completely swaddled in a blanket, I took all of his clothes off and counted every single finger and toe.  He was just so perfect, so peaceful.  Nothing else mattered but us, just the 2 of us.  He brought new hope to my life and all the bad things happening around us didn’t matter.


While growing up he was always smiling, always kissing and hugging everybody.  I swear I’ve never seen a boy like him.  So polite, so smart, so funny.  He hardly ever cried at all.  Would never complain about anything.  He was all smiles, all love.  My little gentleman.  A true bundle of joy and love.


There was a time when he wasn’t with me.  The most difficult time of my life, it is still so painful to remember those days.  We both suffered so much.  When he came back to me, he would not sleep anywhere else but on top of me, and I would just hug him all night long.

esc 001

Things have changed so much now you don’t want to kiss me anymore, for example when I drop you off at school, I know that deep inside you want to, you are just embarrassed.  I can tell because you always turn around and look at me, like saying “I love you too Mami”.

Rene's B-day 7 012

My boy, my baby boy.  Rene I love you so much, you are the light of my life, you make me strong, you keep me going everyday.


Well I tried to make him a birthday cake…. and this is what happened….


I couldn’t make it look worse if I wanted, but I swear it tasted so good!!!


Jaz: “Ranita, te amo mil veces de tu boca a la luna y de regreso”  (Little frog, I love you a thousand times from your mouth to the moon and back)

Ranita: “Y yo te amo al infito y mas alla” (and I love you to infinity and beyond!)

Feliz Cumpleanos mi amor.  I miss you.

Jazz y Rene Aca 2


Michelle said...

Awwww!!! Happy Birthday Rene! Jazmin, your love for your son is beautiful!

Mistika said...

Divino siempre sera tu nene! Y es un gran nino que Dios lo bendiga!